We're now two weeks into January, and we've been spoiled by a stretch of unusually mild weather.  Just how unusual have these temperatures been?

Between January 1-13, every day has had above average high temperatures. Daily average temperatures have been above normal, too. 

Let's first look at Average Daily Temperatures. This number averages out the hourly temperatures for a certain location throughout the day.

Of the 5 major Ohio cities, Toledo had the coolest average temperature, at 38.0°.  Cincinnati (KCVG) had the warmest at 43.0°. The average departure ranged from 12.2-13.6° above normal. That means we were seeing average temperatures on several days in the 50s. Not surprising, with much of the state topping out in the 70s Saturday (1-11).

Now, taking a look at high temperatures. 

Normal Highs at this point in the year range from 32.6° in Toledo to 38.4 in Cincinnati. 

Average Highs from 1-1 to 1-13 have been in the 40s for Dayton, Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland, and just over 50 for Cincinnati.

While this has certainly been unusual, temperatures will come closer to normal late this week and early next week with two cold fronts moving across Ohio.