BROOK PARK, Ohio– Ford is planning on investing a billion dollars into plants across northeast Ohio.

Spectrum News 1 spoke with the Mayor of Brook Park, and what this possible investment means to the area.

“So it’s good for businesses around the plant; it’s good for the employees, and it’s good for Ford,” says Brook Park Mayor, Mike Gammella.

Mayor Gammella is not only the Mayor of the city of Brook Park, a suburb of Cleveland; he was also the former President of UAW 1250, so he knows a good deal when he sees it.

“Guarantees that that plant is going to be there for the long term future and it means more job security for the UAW membership there, and it means in northeastern Ohio, and it increases our tax base here in the city of Brook Park,” says Gammella.

According to the United Auto Workers, Ford is planning to invest more than $1 billion into its plants in Avon Lake and the City of Brook Park.

“The new agreement is a win-win situation, and I compliment both Ford and UAW and the membership,” says Gammella.

The tentative contract proposal was recently announced, and it provides 150 million dollars to the Brook Park Plant. The Ford plant is vital for the Brook Park community and Greater Cleveland. 

“This is a very important plant for Ford with the ECo boost engine, so it’s probably gonna be there for at least I would estimate for another decade and now with this investment possibly even longer. I’m very happy with the investment they also have Lorain because that’s good news for us too because we’ll put our engines into those vehicles and it’s a much shorter transport to get them from Cleveland to Lorain,” concludes Gammella.