COLUMBUS, Ohio—Trying to figure how you're going to get your teenager to school without breaking the bank and stressing over it is a job all by itself—especially when you start to add up airfare, car rentals, and hotel costs. 

  • Over the next few weeks more than 19 million students will start school at a college or university
  • The process of sending teens off to school can be expensive
  • Companies like Columbus-based Stuff2College save families hundreds of dollars

But now, families are finding easier ways to get the job done using companies like Stuff2College—and it's saving them hundreds of dollars. 

20-year-old Olivia Maxey has plenty of packing to do before she heads to the University of Arizona for her junior year.

From clothes to books and household items — she's got the packing down pat.

But it wasn't always this way.

Before the start of her freshman year, it was a challenge figuring out how to ship everything back and forth in a way that wasn’t going to cost her mom Jen thousands of dollars.

"It was stressful because we were on a budget and was our first time,” said Olivia Maxey. “So, we really had no clue how we were gonna do all of this and continue to ship my stuff back and forth."

After all, she was going across the country. 

"I was a recent single mom. So, I knew it was all on me, and you know, having to get all of this done was very overwhelming," said Jen Maxey.

That's on top of going through the emotional process of seeing her daughter off to college.

" baby's leaving, you know is she gonna be okay out there?" said Jen Maxey.

But when she realized they could plan the move online, box everything up and drop it off at Stuff2College—allowing them to do the rest—the stress went out the door.

"It was a huge, huge relief to know that I was saving money in that regard," said Jen Maxey.

Although they rented a car to pick up the items in Arizona versus having it all delivered, Maxey still saved $800. 

That's because since she didn't have to rent a truck, buy gas, or food for a three -day trip to Arizona.

Michelle Ulery, owner of Stuff2College, says it cuts down on time and money.

"It's honestly probably less than 20 percent of what it would cost you," said Ulery.

Regardless, it's one less thing that families like the Maxey’s have to worry about. 

"It was so easy and such a relief, like now all we have to do is like just get Olivia packed for the flight,” said Jen Maxey.

Stuff2College has over 62 locations.

For more information on how you can move your student, you can check out Stuff2College, College Boxes or Dorm Room Movers.