The Ohio State Fair is gearing up for another year, and safety is a top priority.

It comes just 2 years after a man died and 7 others were injured when seats broke off a ride.
Investigators found the cause of the accident involving the "Fireball ride" was eroded metal.
While the ride will not be at this year's fair-- another ride has become the focus of similar safety concerns.

Earlier this year, we learned that the manufacturer of the Sky Glider sent a letter to state fair officials warning that the ride may have issues similar to that of the fireball ride.

That letter was sent in 2017 and no immediate action was taken by the state fair.
The Sky Glider acts like a ski-lift, guiding riders into the air and over the fair.
Ohio Agriculture Director Dorothy Pelanda oversees the fair. Pelanda says all 95 seats have been replaced on the Sky Glider.
The original seats were made of metal and the new seats have no internal metal parts and are made from a molded plastic material.
They've also added fencing around the ride and installed a backup brake in case of an emergency.

Dorothy Pelanda, Director, Ohio Department of Agriculture told Spectrum News 1, "We looked very seriously at the recommendations in that letter with our experts and decided that those things were good suggestions. Permanent fencing around the ride is a good suggestion. A backup brake system is a good suggestion. We're they necessary? Not according to the standards that Ohio adopts. As Director of Agriculture who is in charge of the safety of the general public, I decided that those things needed to be heeded and we did them. We went ahead and did them."

Despite the letter warning of possible erosion, Pelanda says that when they inspected the original seats, no erosion was evident, but they made the changes anyway.

The Ohio State Fair runs from July 24 to August 4.