CINCINNATI — Buying your first home can be an exciting investment, but it takes some work and dedication to get there. That's why a financial literacy program is helping one man’s dream come true.

What You Need To Know

  • Sylvester Bullocks Jr. has always dreamed of buying his own home, but he wasn't financially stable

  • For the past four years, he's been attending the financial program at the CityLink Center

  • Since then he has raised his credit score over 80 points and has learned how to budget his money

  • He is now officially a homeowner thanks to the help of CityLink and Habitat for Humanity

Sylvester Bullocks Jr., 53, is the dishwasher at Taglio’s pizzeria in Cincinnati. He’s been working there for four years now as he looks to save money for a big purchase.

“I want to make sure I have enough financial need in order to purchase my house,” said Bullocks.

Besides working hard, he’s been coming to the CityLink Center’s financial program. The organization serves underrepresented communities through a holistic approach. Bullocks has been working with Michelle Abernathy on repairing his credit score and budgeting his money. 

“I found out it’s easier if you have it on paper because you can see what you did instead of having it in your mind,” he said. 

He’s raised his credit score more than 80 points and was recently approved to buy a home.‬ In two weeks, he’ll be moving into his new home recently rehabbed through Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit that builds and rehabs homes for families in need.

“Very affordable for someone who thought that coming through these doors four years ago that they didn’t want to learn how to budget to becoming a homeowner,” said Abernathy.

Bullocks and Abernathy are now on their way to check out the new home. It's just blocks away from the CityLink Center. Bullocks said he can’t wait to move in. 

“Very excited that I can have the keys to my own and hopefully keep it in my family so my son and grandkids can have it,” he said. 

The three-story house is now Bullocks’ and part of a community-wide celebration Friday, May 13, welcoming him to the neighborhood. He said he’s extremely excited to celebrate this accomplishment with everyone, and he’s happy to see all the hard work paid off.

“I wanted to quit a couple of times but I kept on going and that was the main thing for me to do,” he said.