More than 100 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested Monday evening by the NYPD on the campus of New York University, authorities told NY1.

NYPD officers in riot gear were seen by NY1 crews restraining the protesters with zip ties and taking them onto police buses that were stationed nearby.

Students were staying in tents at Gould Plaza near NYU's business school. They called for an end to the university’s collaborations with Israel, like NYU Tel Aviv. They also demanded disclosure and divestment of investments with companies associated with the Israel-Hamas war.

Police initially said more than 150 people were taken into custody Monday night, but later said the number of people arrested was actually 120. According to police, 116 were released with summonses for trespass, and four received desk appearance tickets.

In a statement, NYU spokesperson John Beckman said the situation “dramatically changed” after barriers were breached by additional protesters in the afternoon “in violation of directions from Campus Safety Officers and in violation of multiple University rules.”

He added that many protesters refused to leave after being told to by the university.

“Given the foregoing and the safety issues raised by the breach, we asked for assistance from the NYPD,” Beckman said.

Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, confirming that the NYPD received a letter from NYU with "a request to clear Gould Plaza of individuals who were refusing to comply with repeated requests to disperse."

"They were described as 'interfering with the safety and security of our community," Daughtry wrote.

Daughtry later posted video Tuesday morining that he said showed police officers being "pelted" with bottles and chairs.

The video was condemned by Mayor Eric Adams at a news briefing Tuesday.

"People who peacefully protest for an issue, they're not throwing bottles and chairs," Adams said.

According to a Monday afternoon Facebook post from NYU, the protesters were told by Foutain Walker, the head of global campus safety, that they needed to clear the plaza by 4 p.m. However, arrests were not witnessed by NY1 crews until several hours after that apparent deadline.

NYU officials said the demonstration started without notice to the college.

The protests at NYU mirror an ongoing encampment at Columbia University, where more than 100 were arrested last week.

Adams said the city will meet Tuesday with leaders of colleges to discuss “best practices and coordination” to help manage the protests on campuses, with the goal of keeping them peaceful.