A Central Park Zoo owl flew the coop after its exhibit was vandalized Thursday night — and staffers are still working to bring the bird back home, the zoo said Friday.

Zoo staffers discovered the Eurasian eagle-owl had escaped its exhibit around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, the zoo said in a statement. A vandal or vandals had cut through the stainless steel mesh keeping the bird inside, according to the zoo. 

The zoo quickly kicked off a search, and passersby and police discovered the owl on a Fifth Avenue sidewalk not long after, the zoo said.

The owl, however, soon “had enough of his growing audience and flew off,” the NYPD’s 19th Precinct tweeted. 

After its sidewalk sojourn, the bird flew south on Fifth Avenue and found a tree to rest in overnight, the zoo and the precinct said.  

“Zoo staff located the owl perched in a tree near the zoo and stayed with it throughout the night,” the zoo said.

Finished with its foray on Fifth Avenue, the bird made its way back into the park. 

“At sunrise this morning, the owl flew from the tree on Fifth Avenue and into Central Park, where we continue to have visual contact with the bird,” the zoo said. “Our focus and effort at this time is on the safe recovery of the owl.”

As of Friday afternoon, the owl, whose name is Flaco, had still evaded capture, the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation tweeted. 

“For those concerned about Flaco, the @centralparkzoo’s escaped Eurasian eagle-owl, our Rangers are on the case! We spotted the owl in Hallett Sanctuary this morning, and found Flaco healthy and hunkering down in a tree,” the department wrote. “We ask that park goers give space so that he can be rescued.”

On Sunday morning, Manhattan Bird Alert, a bird and nature photography account on Twitter, posted that the owl was still at Hallett Sanctuary.

No one had been arrested in connection with the vandalized exhibit as of Sunday morning, the NYPD said. An investigation is ongoing.