Singer Morrissey officially launched his Broadway residency this week and he's using the stage to urge his fans to support a controversial city bill.

Morrissey has sold out his performaces at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. The animal rights activist is teaming up with PETA to get audience members to urge city council to pass legislation that would ban the sale of furs. There will be a hearing on the bill May 15th at city hall. Morrissey wrote a letter praising speaker Corey Johnson, who is sponsoring the bill, saying :

"Dear Mr. Johnson,

I was so happy to hear of your bill to ban the sale of fur that I have asked PETA to enlist New Yorkers at my concerts this week to urge their council members to support it. Back home, a similar effort is underway in Parliament to ban fur sales throughout the U.K. As in New York, stores in England have been caught selling real dog and cat fur from China falsely labeled as fake. It’s time to rid the racks of the stuff in order to protect all fashion victims, both human and nonhuman. Keep up the good work.