MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- A camera and the images it captures, making a world of difference for people stuck at home.  A Wisconsin photographer has found a way to get families smiling and help those who need it most.

Ren Lenhof loves capturing people's lives through the lens of her camera. "How important it is to capture every day moments and also not being afraid to capture things when it's not really the best situation," she shared.

Ren owns Studio 29 Photography.  This is usually a busy time of year, but all her bookings have been canceled which Ren said left her struggling, "I was not in a good place about a week ago."

She was looking for a solution that would make everyone feel better, "what can I do to and still get my smiles in for the day?"  Her solution:  Sidewalk Sessions.  A "come as you are" photo session on the front porch.  Len stays on the sidewalk.

Andie Wendt said it was something her family looked forward to, "I feel like every day has been the same thing over and over."

Ren is not charging people.  She only asks for a donation. All the money will go to the Hunger Task Force.  As her schedule fills up, Ren has already raised more than $1400.  People are donating anywhere from $29, for Studio 29, up to $250.

From family photos, humans or fur babies, people are bringing their own flair to the photo shoots.  There are signs and chalk colored sidewalks. 

"I thought it was a really creative way to raise money for people in need, and it's fun for us," client Katie Christenson shared.

One couple even celebrated an engagement.  Sidewalk Sessions is bringing some joy at a time when people feel so alone.

"It makes you still remember that we're one community," said Wendt.

Each session includes 5 to 10 images.  Ren is hoping to raise $3,000 for the Hunger Task Force.  She's booking sessions through April 1.

Sidewalk Sessions is only offered to Milwaukee and Wauwatosa residents.  

Click here to get involved.