President Donald Trump is expected to nominate a new Supreme Court justice as soon as Saturday following the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A local expert is weighing in on what this decision means for Democrats and Republicans.

Worcester State Professor Anthony Dell'aera says if President Trump is able to place another new Supreme Court justice, Republicans will get something they've long wished for: conservative federal judges. He says the biggest issue with a conservative replacing Ginsburg is implications for the Affordable Care Act. He says the possibility of it disappearing is of grave concern.

“As Democrats look to strategize over the next month or two in how to deal with the situation and any implications for the election, I think that addressing the Affordable Care Act and its fate under an additional Supreme Court justice appointed by President Trump, that represents probably their best electoral strategy, by emphasizing to people that the end of the Affordable Care Act would essentially mean the end of protections for pre-existing conditions in the midst of a pandemic,” says Dell’Aera.

President Trump says he has reduced his list of potential replacements to just five names, and intends to formalize a pick on Saturday.