WORCESTER, Mass. — Local products were on display Saturday as the Regional Environmental Council kicked off opening day for their University Park Farmers Market.

Vendors brought out an array of produce like strawberries, asparagus and cabbage. The market is part of the REC's farmer's market program, which includes 17 markets total in Central Massachusetts communities. Their goal is to create an equitable and just food system.

"The REC is a food justice organization. So we're here to promote equitable food access and we're here to support our local farmers so that the food that they grow can get into the hands of consumers and people who want to eat healthy local food," Gwen Weissinger with the REC said. "The northeast winters can be really cold and it's nice to be back into the summertime and to have the fresh produce here for people to enjoy all summer long."

The market will be open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until noon. It runs until October.