WORCESTER, Mass. - Sunday is Father’s Day, a time to celebrate and thank the father-figures in your life. One mental health professional says you can do that by asking dad how he's doing.  

When it comes to men and their mental health, Dr. Tim Sannes with UMass Memorial Health said a lot still needs to be done to raise awareness and reduce stigma. He said men aren't as honest about their feelings as women and if they're suffering from depression or anxiety, it could come off as irritability or anger.

Dr. Sannes said one in five Americans will develop some mental health condition in their life, but less than half actually receive treatment and that number drops even lower for men.  

"Men are actually four times as likely to actually take their own life. So, that's the extreme example where I think bottling things up and not letting them out, not talking about them, can really have terrible outcomes. But we're also, we as men, are actually more at risk for substance use and alcoholism,” Dr. Sannes said. “So whether you seek professional help from someone like myself or lean on your support network. Getting out there, being open, being honest is a good place to start." 

Dr. Sannes said society is moving towards more openness, but research still shows men are less likely to seek professional help for their mental well being.