WORCESTER, Mass. – A Worcester nursing home and rehabilitation center is advocating for aging service programs it says are necessary to meet the needs of older adults wherever they call home.

Earlier this year, Holy Trinity's CEO and Rep. Jim McGovern attended Lobby Day in Washington, D.C.

They said the purpose was to help policymakers and the community recognize the need for more staffing in nursing homes across the country.

It came just prior to the Biden administration unveiling a new rule establishing minimum staffing requirements.

Holy Trinity's CEO said they're already facing staffing issues, and they want to shine a light on the efforts.

“It’s to bring awareness, it’s to bring awareness about nursing homes and what we do,” said CEO Rodolfo Para. “A lot of people think very negatively about nursing homes. We are community. We serve people that need support. They cannot be home because medically or memory care loss, and we want to bring awareness that we’re not just a place where old people go to die. We’re actually a place for a life, and people really need the kind of services."

"I’m here to learn about what the realities are here at Holy Trinity and about how we can make sure that people, especially seniors, have a place to spend their later years,” said McGovern. “And we want to make sure that we are wind at the backs of places like Holy Trinity. This is an incredible place, but there are challenges."

The nursing home said its also advocating to make sure they're getting the proper reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid.

Just last week, trade groups representing thousands of nursing homes filed a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the president's staffing requirements.