WORCESTER, Mass. - A free screening in Worcester helped community members get checked for skin cancer.

Doctors from UMass Memorial Health's dermatology and ophthalmology departments provided the screenings, while also giving visitors eye exams. Students from UMass Chan Medical School helped coordinate the event.

"During an eye exam, we actually dilate your pupil so we can use these lights to look at your optic nerve, the macula, the retina, to ensure that you see well, and for as long as possible," fourth-year residency student Lauren Colwell said.

"You know, certain eye conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, is that like most other things, catching these things early, we can treat them before they actually lead to potentially blinding eye issues," Dr. Benjamin Botsford, MD, an ophthalmologist, said.

"We also have patients of diverse backgrounds," UMass Chan fourth-year student Stephanie Choi said. "We have people with visual impairments. We’ll have people in a wheelchair, people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. It’s been truly a wonderful event."

"Well it's important to catch skin cancers early. Because timing is important, especially for certain skin cancers," dermatologist Dr. Viji Daniel said. "So that’s why it’s important to get your skin checked and to see your primary care doctor and your local dermatologist."

More than 100 people signed up for the clinic, and there were also walk-ins.