SOUTHBRIDGE, Mass. — The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts is helping Southbridge Public Schools partner with 20/20 Onsite to provide eye exams and glasses, if needed, at no cost to students and their families.

This month, 20/20 Onsite is bringing their Mobile Vision Clinic to Southbridge schools.

Students at Eastford Road School got their eyes checked Friday. From precreening tests and taking retinal images, to eventually picking out their own glasses, the students were in and out of the appointments in about a half-hour.

According to the school nurse, about 20% of students at Eastford Road School have glasses. This program is providing two to three pairs of glasses per child, if they need them.

"Vision for Southbridge" is made possible by a $55,000 grant from the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts.

"We are thrilled to hear that we received this amazing opportunity from Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts to provide free eye exams and glasses if needed for our students," Principal Kelly Gelineau said. "It's an amazing opportunity for our entire school."

“We're really proud to be able to provide the services that we do. We know that access to care, especially locally here, is difficult," Dr. Kathleen Allen said. "And then also parents being able to take the time off of work at their kids to exams can also be quite challenging. So, being able to come right on site to the school [and provide] exams and glasses here to the children is just an awesome opportunity."

The Boston-based 20/20 Onsite will visit two more schools in Southbridge before the end of the month.