NORTHBOROUGH, Mass — Three men were arraigned on weapons charges Monday in connection to a house party shooting in Northborough that left a 16-year-old dead and several others injured.

What You Need To Know

  • Three men were arraigned in Westborough District Court on weapons charges Monday in connection to an overnight shooting at a house party in Northborough
  • The shooting happened shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday morning at 333 Howard Street
  • The homeowner had previously come under scrutiny by police for hosting large parties
  • Police said the homeowner was on the property at the time of the shooting

According to court documents, Arnaldo Nogueira Filho, Wallisom Texeira Da Silva and Pedro Desouza Passos were arrested roughly an hour after the deadly shooting when a Southborough police officer discovered a 30-round magazine and ammunition in the vehicle they were in during a traffic stop.

The shooting occurred shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday at 333 Howard Street, a home which apparently had a prior history of large parties. A bystander flagged down a Northborough officer to let them know that someone at the party had flashed a gun, and shortly after, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early said shots were fired.

“While police were assembling and preparing to enter the facility — it's a couple-acre property — they heard multiple gunshots,” Early said. “At that point, they entered the dwelling in what can only be described as a chaotic scene. There were several hundred people on the property.”

The investigation is ongoing, and during an update on the situation Sunday afternoon, Early suggested there’s a lot left to unpack.

“There’s stuff everywhere. They’ve got a lot of work to do,” Early said.

“Both the victim and everyone being charged in this lives outside Northborough, so we're also going into other jurisdictions,” Early added.

In the days leading up to the deadly shooting, Early said police officers had been in touch with the owner of the home to ask whether or not a party was being planned, and were assured there would be no party.

Brian Griffin, Northborough's police chief, added that his department has previously been tipped off about issues at the house.

“Last month, we did receive information after the fact that there was a large gathering,” Griffin said. “We did have some intelligence about that. We have spoken to the homeowner about that, and he assured us that that was the last of it. And obviously, that was not the case last night.”

According to Early, police had to carry the 16-year-old victim down a hill to a waiting ambulance because paramedics were unable to get closer to the home due to the amount of people leaving the scene.

In court documents, the home is referred to as an Airbnb rental, but Griffin also said the homeowner was on-site at the time of the shooting.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, Early said he was unable to comment Sunday on whether the homeowner could potentially face charges.

He’s urging anyone involved and anyone who has information on the shooting to contact the Northborough Police Department.

“Everyone's got a cell phone. Anyone that's taken video while all of this was going on, please give it to the Northborough police,” Early said. “We can use anything you’ve got. Like the chief said, it's Mother's Day, and a mother has lost a 16-year-old.”