At Bread Guy Breads in Grafton, the kitchen is busy preparing different types of bread for Easter brunch and dinner. So far, they've taken hundreds of pre-orders for dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and a special easter bread.

For the Thanksgiving holiday, customers were lined up out the door and staff is expecting a similar turnout for Easter.  

Owner Chuck Brown said, because all of their products are bread, they can't be made ahead of time. All of the work must be done the night before for the next day's orders. 

"I’m starting probably about 10:30, 11:00 at night. I have someone coming in at 12, another person coming in at two and another person coming in. We are just going to build it up until we get to 8:00 [a.m.] when we'll have everyone on hand,” he said. “You still have to make all the rolls and all of our rolls are hand rolled. We don’t have machines, so there’s going to be a lot of people making rolls and then we have to put the orders together. We have to get the line out, so it’s going to be crazy." 

Easter happens to fall much earlier this year, so Brown is preparing for a big, last-minute rush Friday and Saturday.