WORCESTER, Mass. - Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend, which means we're springing the clocks forward. On Sunday, we'll jump ahead an hour.

While this does mean we'll lose an hour of sleep, we do gain some extra daylight. Dr. Anthony Izzo, medical director of the sleep center at Saint Vincent Hospital, said the spring time change is more difficult for people to adjust to compared to the fall change. He compares the interruption to jet lag but said there are ways to beat the sleepiness.

"Saturday night, [try] a little bit of melatonin 90 minutes before your intended bedtime, just to get to bed a little earlier and try to adjust yourself to the time change that is coming on Sunday,” he said. “It sounds counter-intuitive, but we tell people to avoid naps. Napping may feel good because you lost an hour of sleep, but what people don’t realize is that napping doesn’t just offset a night a bad sleep or sleep loss; it does so by borrowing sleep from the coming night."

The tiredness can last a couple of days. Izzo said a spike in car accidents is typically seen the day after the change as well.

The official start of spring is March 19.