WORCESTER, Mass. - Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis and his staff were out putting a smile on people’s faces this week ahead of Random Acts of Kindness Day on Saturday.

Friday, Evangelidis was handing out goodie bags to travelers and staff at the Worcester Regional Airport. He said his office visited all 60 towns in Worcester County this week handing out bags.

“I just think this is a wonderful week for our office,” Evangelidis said. “We love this idea to give back to the community in a positive light. There is no strings attached and it's just nice. I wish, in the world we live today, I wish everybody could be just a little bit kinder.”

All the bags were filled with donated items like snacks and drinks. Evangelidis said this is something they've been doing for the last few years and it's important for him to build positive relationships with the community.