WORCESTER, Mass. – College is going to be more affordable for some Massachusetts students thanks to a historic financial aid expansion.

The $62 million investment will benefit about 25,000 students in the state's public community colleges and universities, according to the Healey-Driscoll administration.

The MASSGrant Plus Expansion program will cover tuition, fees, books and supply costs for Pell Grant-eligible students, including, for the first time, federal government-determined expected family contribution. It will also reduce out-of-pocket expenses for middle-income students by up to half.

Students at Quinsigamond Community College are some who will benefit from the expansion.

"I've always said when you invest in higher education, you're investing in the future of the commonwealth,” said QCC president Luis Pedraja. “We need trained a workforce, we need advancement, and this will allow students to be able to afford going to college. Many students who were in the middle-income range who couldn't afford it will have a pathway to college."

The program will be retroactive to the start of this year's fall semester for current students.