WORCESTER, Mass. - September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Tuesday night, police from across central Massachusetts came together for UMass Memorial's annual “Bright Lights” for pediatric cancer patients.

Fifty police cruisers lit up the night as they passed through the hospital campus. Officers who took part in the event said it helps brighten up the lives of the young patients who are going through so much.

“Despite all that’s going on in the world today, it’s pretty unique and special to see so many police officers just rally together for kids who were just dealt a really unfair card in life,” said Lieutenant Lisa Sullivan of the Sutton Police Department. “So, regardless of whatever the public’s opinion of us or what’s going on the world, we came together and hopefully made a difference in somebody’s night.”

“It’s very encouraging and it’s hopeful for the patients that are here,” said Sergeant Amy Nelson of the Westminster Police Department. “And it’s a great way of police officers connecting with the community and also supporting the kids here at UMass.”

The patients in the children's medical center were given flashlights to signal back to officers as they drove by.