WORCESTER, Mass. - The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts is celebrating a milestone this weekend as it marks 15 years since they first opened.

The theater hosted a day full of events to commemorate the occasion, including a party Saturday night. The rain may have pushed things inside, but it didn't put a damper on festivities. 

The 2,300-seat theater used to be a movie theater. It was renovated and restored in 2008. 

Now, the venue hosts entertainers, Broadway performers as well as local talent all year long.

"The theater has been the catalyst for so much going on in this city and it's a thrill to be a member of this community and a member of this theater," said Jane Grant, a founding board member. "It has grown exponentially. Every comedian, every rock star, every amazing Broadway show has been here. It's a really fun thing."

"I can't even believe myself some of the shows we've had through the door," said the theater's President and CEO Troy Siebels. "I was just talking to somebody who says 'my first show here was REO Speedwagon.' Everybody's got the first thing they remember, whether it's a Broadway show, it's a concert, it's Jerry Seinfeld. The fact that there's a little bit of everything is part of why we are still here."

The theater has been celebrating their 15 years all summer long with the opening of the Francis R. Carroll Plaza, Holidays in July as well as public tours of the facility.