WORCESTER, Mass. - O' Connor Family Law is holding its first ever "Mom Prom" Friday night at the Hanover Theatre to raise money for Abby's House, a women and children shelter in Worcester.

The event is open to women 21 and older for a night to dress up, dance, enter raffles and take pictures in a photo booth. It's also about raising money and awareness for domestic violence. 

It's a cause close to home for O'Connor Family Law CEO Heather O'Connor, who is a victim of domestic violence herself.  

"Dealing with a victim of domestic violence is a different ballgame," O'Connor said. "Unless you've been in those shoes, it can be very, very hard to understand the emotional roller coaster that comes along with escaping a domestic violence relationship. That's what this event in really all about.

"It's about celebrating people who have been able to step away from it. It's about bringing awareness to people who are currently going through it to let them know they can come out of it and providing resources to a really great organization that needs the financial support, so they can continuing educating and helping other people."

O'Connor expects about 50 women to attend the event.