WORCESTER, Mass. - There's a new look in downtown Worcester as the city unveiled Wednesday a rededicated Francis R. Carroll Plaza. 

The newly built plaza and Bank of America stage honors Carroll for his decades of philanthropic work and service to the city. It's part of the revitalization of Federal Square.

The plaza was originally dedicated to Carroll in 2008.  

"Frank Carroll was really a true son of Worcester,” Worcester Mayor Joe Petty said. “He grew up poor, worked hard, and has been a cohort of the city of decades. Across the city from St. John's Food Pantry, the Korean War memorial, to the plaza, to this plaza, Frank has left his mark on the face of our city."

President and CEO of the Hanover Theatre Troy Siebels said the revamped plaza will be home to events and activities for the community to engage in.

"Carroll Plaza will heighten the public perception of our theater,” Siebels said. “It will create opportunities for the community to engage with us. It allows us to reach and serve not only those who buy a ticket and sit in our theater, but to all people. 

Carroll is a U.S. Navy Korean War veteran who founded the Small Business Service Bureau in Worcester in 1968. He's invested millions of dollars into buildings on Main Street.