Worcester Polytechnic Institute and The College of the Holy Cross announced Wednesday a new partnership to develop a “dual degree” program.

The program creates opportunities for Holy Cross students to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree at Holy Cross and their Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree at WPI.

The program would be an accelerated four-plus-one model, taking five years to complete. Holy Cross juniors who are majoring in mathematics, computer science or physics will be able to join.

WPI Dean of Engineering John McNeil said there's long been a demand for a program like this.

"It just makes sense,” McNeil said. “We have students who are looking for the liberal arts education at Holy Cross, and we also have a very strong liberal arts component to our curriculum here at WPI. But if students don't want an entire STEM degree in five years, the bachelor’s and master’s at WPI, they can take advantage of the higher education environment at Holy Cross, and then add even more value with the master’s degree at WPI."

Leadership at both schools are still developing the program and expect to be doing so for the next several months.