LENOX, Mass. - Berkshire-based dispensary Canna Provisions is offering free events to explore the healing powers of sound, yoga and cannabis all summer.

The "Wellness & Cannabis" events are an opportunigty for local businesses to team up and educate guests about their services while celebrating wellness.

What You Need To Know

  • Canna Provisions is hosting 'Summer of Wellness and Cannabis Education' events around the Berkshires through August with Coast Cannabis Co.

  • The Wellness & Cannabis explore the healing power of sound, yoga, and cannabis

  • The events are free to attend, 21+, and registration is required

Abigail Noble and Paulo Caserta are the founders of Socreates, a “soul coaching” app. They’re contributors to the free Wellness and Cannabis Summer events Canna Provisions is hosting for adults 21 and older.

“Sound has this incredible ability to reach you on a molecular or cellular organ level and do healing,” Noble said.

At The Mount in Lenox, Socreates led a sound bath - an immersive meditative experience meant to heal through sound waves.

“We use seven different crystal bowls, and they are tuned to the seven chakras," Caserta said. "So basically, when people are lying down, they're going to receive the benefit of the healing process from each bowl, while we are performing live.”

“We’re so honored that Canna Provisions chose us," Noble said. "And created this event to think about wellness on another level.”

Canna Provisions CEO & owner Meg Sanders said summer wellness events like the one held at Edith Wharton’s home will highlight the healing power of cannabis, sound, and yoga.

“I think really, it's not us coming up with, ‘hey, how do we celebrate wellness,’" Sanders said. "It is listening to our consumers understanding what their desire is from this plant and then honoring it with something like this.”

“With yoga and with cannabis, both are just an invitation to slow down," integrative health coach Susan Wrba said. "And both are aids, I would say, in helping to assist our nervous system, which is very taxed.”

While guests learn more about wellness, local businesses are looking forward to more of these kinds of events where their wellness services can complement each other.

“It’s all women-owned businesses," Noble said. "Canna Provisions is a women-owned business that has remarkably created all of these partnerships across Berkshire County, and I think also Hampshire County.”

“I think that all of the businesses, all of the organizations that come into the Berkshires, that make efforts to bridge existing businesses and organizations together and utilize the strong cultural infrastructure that's here," Wrba said, "I'm all for that.”

Information about future Summer of Wellness and Cannabis Education around the Berkshires events can be found here.