A Worcester man is getting some much-needed rest following a charitable climb to raise money for teens fighting addiction.

Andy Petit climbed Mount Washington this week to raise money for Community HealthLink’s Motivating Youth Recovery, where he works. It’s the only adolescent detox and stabilization program in the state.

Petit arrived at Mount Washington on Tuesday for what was supposed to be a 4.2 mile hike. Halfway up, a section of the trail was shut down due to avalanche precautions, so he doubled back and found a different path. He wasn’t expecting to run into snow, and used a stick to work his way up to the summit.

Back at the base, he learned a shuttle driver called out sick, so, including the long walk back to his car, Petit logged more than 15 miles.

As a person in recovery, the fundraising mission was personal for him.

“I use the term that I was climbing mountains for those that are climbing their own,” Petit said. “A lot of those kids, they don’t want to come to treatment. Some of them are court-ordered here, some of them are here because of probation, their parents are on their back, I can certainly empathize with all of those situations. I wanted to let them know that somebody is still willing to go out there and give what they’ve got to support them.”

Petit managed to raise more than $1,200. He plans to use the money to make Motivating Youth Recovery a more comfortable and welcoming place for teens arriving for treatment.