WORCESTER, Mass. – State Rep. Jim O’Day, D-Worcester, is hopeful the bill he's been trying to pass to remodel sex education in Massachusetts will move forward after more than a decade of efforts.

The state Senate has passed a similar bill four times, but the House has never taken it up. The “Healthy Youth Act” allows school districts to opt-in and includes teaching human anatomy, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and age-appropriate education on gender identity and sexual orientation.

O'Day said he believes the timing may be right with changing education across the country and a new governor in the state.

"I don't think there is anything controversial in this bill,” O’Day said. “We're talking about education, we're talking about healthy youth education, sex education, relationship education, healthy relationship education, and all of those factors are contained in a good strong sex-ed curriculum. Those are things, we feel, this bill really identifies as extremely important for our youth."

Dozens of students rallied at the State House Tuesday to push for sex education reform. The bill is currently in the joint committee on education.