MASSACHUSETTS - For Rep. Peter Durant, affordability in Massachusetts is still a real concern.

From the state house floor Thursday, Durant said Massachusetts is losing 1,100 residents a week due to the rising cost of living, along with the state' higher taxes. Durant says he's hearing it first-hand from constituents in his district, with some saying living in the Commonwealth is a burden.

"One of the other things we talk about is housing," Durant said. "We see that the cost of housing is going up astronomically for renters, obviously interest rates are going up. That's adding to the difficulties in Massachusetts in our affordability issues. And that means adding housing, adding rental units, making sure that businesses can thrive, making sure that people who are out earning a living can keep more of their money."

Durant says the tax cut approved by the House last week does take steps to correct disparities with the estate tax, the capital gains tax, and also adds to the earned income tax credit.