WORCESTER, Mass. - Theaters in Massachusetts stand to receive some help from Gov. Maura Healey's $742 million tax relief package that was unveiled last week.

Under the proposal, live theaters in Massachusetts will receive a new tax credit for a share of payroll, production and transportation costs for qualifying productions. The goal is to help promote live theater productions in the state.

Hanover Theatre President and CEO Troy Siebels said the tax credit is similar to what other states in the region already have in place. He said it will allow venues like his to be more competitive in booking shows, which is a big benefit for theater-goers.

"Any of the shows we bring here, we had 'Annie' last week, we have 'Aladdin' coming up next week, we've got 'Hades Town' later this spring, all those shows open in the city and then tour the country," Siebels said. "So, we have not been able to be on a level playing field with Rhode Island and New York, who have passed tax credit legislation, so it's about bringing those kinds of shows back to Massachusetts."

March is a busy month for the Hanover Theatre, with seven more events on the schedule.