LEE, Mass. - While new recreational marijuana dispensaries opening in New York and Connecticut could mean more competition for established businesses in Massachusetts, Canna Provisions owner and CEO Meg Sanders said new markets are great for the industry.

What You Need To Know

  • Marijuana products purchased in Massachusetts can’t leave the state according to federal law, but out of state consumers are welcome to visit, purchase and enjoy cannabis while they’re here

  • Connecticut and New York have opened their first recreational stores within the last two months

  • The Canna Provisions location in Lee is located just off the Mass Pike and sees many out of state customers

“I think what we’ve seen time and time again is when new markets come online, we get more customers," Sanders said. "There's a validation that happens - 'Oh, it's legal in my state now.'”

The Canna Provisions location in Lee is located just off the Mass Pike and sees many out of state customers. Sanders said surrounding states giving dispensaries the recreational green light was anticipated when they opened their Lee location in 2019.

Dispensaries started opening in Connecticut in January of this year and New York opened their first in December 2022.

“It was part of the plan, like, we understood New York was coming online," Sanders said. "We understood Connecticut was going to move forward. Millions of people come to the Berkshires every year for vacation. And just like when you go anywhere on vacation, you don't bring your own liquor, you stop at the packie when you get here, you go to the bars when you're here. So, we anticipated the exact same thing with cannabis.”

As the industry grows out of state and more stores are expected to add to those already in Massachusetts, Sanders said it’s important for dispensaries to build a brand. Canna Provisions has found success in consumer education.

“Whether you've been doing this for years or whether this is your first time, we want to be a resource to help you understand the various nuances of different products,” Sanders said.

Ultimately, like many industries, Sanders said it comes down to providing great service and building relationships with customers.

“Think about how many restaurants are, how many hotels are," Sanders said. "I think as long as you're thoughtful about your location, you provide an awesome experience, obviously, you have very curated inventory product lists for customers, that's really the key."

Canna Provisions has another location in Holyoke.