WORCESTER, Mass. - In a recent study by WalletHub, Worcester was ranked as the 13th best city in the country for science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals.

WalletHub said they used 21 metrics in three categories to determine the rankings. Worcester Polytechnic Institute said they are on the forefront for programs like computer science, robotics and engineering, and it makes the city more attractive for future students and employers. 

"What works well for WPI and higher institutions really means something positive for the city," WPI's Kola Akindele said. "Corporations and companies are coming to the city to be co-located with programs like ours and that means a lot for the city in terms of employability, tax revenue and economic development."

"Our college and universities, our high schools, our vo-tech schools are producing people who are proficient in various STEM field," Worcester Chamber of Commerce President Tim Murray said. 

Boston ranked third on the list, while Springfield checked in at number 24.