WORCESTER, Mass. - Many families looking for fun activities during school vacation week are heading to Worcester's science and nature museum.

We stopped by the EcoTarium to see what's going on during its Wild About Winter Week.

What You Need To Know

  • The Wild About Winter Vacation Week Program is a tradition for the EcoTarium during school vacations

  • The EcoTarium is a science and nature museum located in Worcester

  • The museum is preparing for the "Noon Year's Eve" event on Saturday, Dec. 31

  • Worcester students return to school on Tuesday, January 3 according to the academic calendar

A lot of the families at the EcoTarium's Wild About Winter Week saID it's a great way to spend a day out of the house during school vacation.

"We went to see the otters at the beginning," Mackenzie Pepin said.

Whether you like the outdoor animal exhibits or you're looking for a way to stay out of the cold, visitors are sure to find something interesting.

"Winter break, looking for something indoors and warm for the kids to do that would be fun and entertaining," Talia Shorr said.

The EcoTarium's visitors said they love what the science museum has to offer.

"It's lovely. It's much less crowded than I was worried it would be, especially with all the other schools out on vacation," Shorr said. "And my kids are having a blast. We're here with another family, so they get to share the experience with another family. What do you guys think?"

"There was a show over there, somewhere."

"Oh yeah, that part I loved a lot."

"Yeah, there was a show over there with a corn snake that was really cool."

The EcoTarium has a full week of activities lined up and thanks the many volunteers for making it all possible.

 "Every single day here, Monday through Friday," Katie Chappell said, "we have three education-led programs that folks can come and learn about heat, snowflakes, as well as our ongoing activities led by our wonderful volunteers at different tabletops throughout the museum."

Museum staff say it's all about having hands-on, educational fun. While kids are developing a love for science and nature, many say the company they're with is making this vacation great.

"What's the best part?" 

"Probably being able to be here with my family," Pepin said.

The Wild About Winter Week leads up to the kid-friendly "Noon Year's Eve" event on Saturday. The EcoTarium revamped its traditions to ring in the New Year.

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