PAXTON, Mass. - Sweetpea F.O.R. Animals in Paxton has dedicated seven years to rebuilding their facility, but it's still only an empty building without any animals.

Their building was destroyed by a fire in 2015, killing 50 of the animals inside. They said the insurance money they received after only covered a building that was built in the 1960's, leaving them on the hook for the majority of the rebuild. They said a new, finished shelter will cost about $270,000.

The new building is built and they've done a lot of work on their own, but they still need to add flooring, buy cages and take care of plumbing and electrical work.

"This was my grandfather's dream," shelter president Serena Kenedek said. "This was the thing him and my mom did together, they started in 1999, 2000. So this is absolutely just like world shattering if it doesn't happen. We would really love for it to get back up and running. 

"Donations are the only way we are going to be completed," vice president Deborah Young said. "We've exhausted everything else."

Sweetpea has held all types of fundraisers over the last seven years. They've done as much work as they can afford, while also paying the shelter's every day bills. 

They said they will continue to fundraise as long as it takes to finish the facility and bring animals back.