WORCESTER, Mass. - Rotmans, the largest furniture and flooring store in New England, is going out of business after more than 60 years.

The Worcester store plans to close by early 2023. CEO Steve Rotman is retiring. He said he considered selling the business, but it's tied to his family's name and thought closing was the best decision.

The store is holding their biggest sale in history on Friday. The property spans five acres and Rotman hopes to license the space to small retailers and other businesses struggling to find space in the future.

"My parents and the brothers who started the business always thought of the employees and the customers that we had as family," Rotman said. "I'm at the point where I want to control the space that I'm in, but to work with multiple retailers and people and create an environment which is great for the consumer."

Rotmans opened in 19556 and became a publicly traded company when Vystar Corporation acquired a majority interest in 2019. They opened their current location on Southbridge Street in 1971.