WORCESTER, Mass. - The Worcester Housing Authority is launching a new program to deliver free meals to its residents.

The goal of the 'Food Matters' delivery service is to reduce food insecurity among WHA residents. They'll deliver 12 shelf stable meals per month to more than 100 residents. The meals will be culturally diverse and can be heated and eaten as needed.

The pilot program will begin in mid-October and focus on the WHA's elderly and disabled community.

"What we realized over the last several years is that the cost of food has gone up 30 percent, yet the income of our residents has not increased by 30 percent," WHA CEO Alex Corrales said. "And we see folks who are having to ration their food and not having sufficient food to feed their family or even to take medication, which leads to an assortment of other issues."

The program will initially be offered at six WHA properties and will eventually expand to others. The WHA is partnering with Renaissance Medical Group, who will provide the pre-made meals.