CHARLTON, Mass. - Honoring one of their own, a group of Young Marines are paying tribute to Massachusetts State Trooper Thomas Clardy.

Clardy, who served as a marine, was killed on the Massachusetts Turnpike in 2016 when his vehicle was struck by another driver. 

On Saturday, Young Marines were putting the finishing touches on a memorial at the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Charlton.

The Clardy Memorial Peace Garden has come together with the help of many local people and organizations.

It features turquoise orbs meant for contemplation and remembrance.

Leila Connolly, who now volunteers with the Westover Young Marines out of Chicopee, served in the Marine Corps in the same unit as Clardy.

"I thought it was a great way to marry my young marine passion with my old unit and memorialize him the way I remember him and I spoke to several marines that remember him the same way - just integrity, amazing, funny," Training Officer for the Westover Young Marines Leila Connolly said. "When you lose somebody like that whether a marine or a first responder in the line of duty, it's important to honor them."

"It's really awesome,” Westover YM Gunnery Sergeant Kylie Roach said. “I love being able to honor veterans. It's amazing to see the youth in my in my program and in my unit to help out as well. I see them grow and develop teamwork and leadership pretty often and it's just an amazing experience overall. I love being able to help out and do what I can for the community."

Travelers who want to visit the memorial are welcome to stop by the state police barracks in Charlton on the Mass Pike eastbound.

You can also find more information about the Westover Young Marine program on their website.