DUDLEY, Mass. - Crews were still working to wet down hot spots Friday morning after a fire broke out at Mace Polymer and Additives Thursday night. 

No one was in the warehouse the time the fire broke out. Dudley Fire Chief Dean Kochanowski said the main building is a total loss and knocking down this fire was difficult because it came with several challenges. 

Mace Polymers deals with harmful chemicals, so the site is considered a high hazard facility. When crews arrived on scene, flames were through the roof and chemical explosions were happening throughout building. 

The warehouse sits at the top of a hill, which made getting trucks and water to the scene a lot harder than normal. ​

"This part of town does not have municipal water so it's very difficult," said Kochanowski. "We had a very difficult time getting water on the fire. We need large volumes of water to put this type of fire out. Everybody went home safe. It turned out pretty good considering." ​

More than 20 departments responded to help out. Chief Kochanowski said local and state hazmat teams have checked out the area and there is no harm to the public.