WORCESTER, Mass. - The goal of local nonprofit Hope for Worcester is in their name. Their Day of Hope in the city Saturday looked to spread just that. 

Hope for Worcester's mission is to revitalize communities and renew hope by collaborating with businesses, health and service organizations, churches and individuals to meet physical, emotional, spiritual and relational needs in the city and throughout Central Massachusetts. Volunteers gathered at locations across the city like Elm Park, as well as one spot in Southbridge, to offer the community free services like mental health resources, groceries, clothing, and even prayer.

"And really this Day of Hope, it’s one day, but we are activating and catalyzing relationships that are long term," said Hope For Worcester's executive director Tyler Brondyk. "Connecting people to the services and providers that they need to connect with and maybe they haven’t heard of."

"I’m so glad for the response of the community," said Pastor Gerald Plange of the Upper Room Family International Church. "It’s one thing when you go out there and you are reaching out and you want to help and they don’t show up. But I’m so grateful to God for the response of the community and so excited.  It is my prayer that this is not the end, but just the beginning of more times that we want to share fellowship and the love of Christ.​"

Hope for Worcester is 100% volunteer driven. Organizers say they hoped to introduce people to some of the city's social services as well.