WORCESTER, Mass. - A new locally produced documentary looks at the life of champion cyclist Major Taylor.

The documentary "Whirlwind" focuses on the 1899 world cycling champion and one of the world's first black sports superstars. Taylor trained in Worcester.

Cyrille Vincent is the director and executive producer of the documentary. He said he first really learned who Taylor was in 2020 and as a filmmaker knew he wanted to do more to tell his story.

"My documentary is a mix of interviews of people that are either expert or scholar on the subject I’m talking about, couple with archives” said Vincent. “We do a lot of research, we have a panel of advisers. We do a lot of research to make sure whatever we are going to put out there as information is accurate. This is a documentary, not a drama, obviously we are doing reenactments but it’s still a documentary."

Vincent hopes the documentary will be released in 2025.