MASS. - If you’re catching a flight this holiday weekend, you’re being asked to pack your patience. 

Seven percent of the nearly 48 million travelers this July 4th holiday weekend will get to their destination by plane.

According to flight tracking website FlightAware. as of Thursday morning, there were 967 delays and 362 cancellations within, into, or out of the United States.

And this year, buying that plane ticket is costing you more. AAA finds the average lowest airfare is 14% more than last year at $20 a ticket.

Mary Maguire, director of public & legislative affairs for AAA Northeast, has some advice for those heading to the airport.

“Try to book the first flight out. Fewer chances of obstacles springing up if you are on the first flight out,” Maguire said. “Make sure you are booking a direct flight if possible. Again, fewer opportunities for things to go wrong. Make sure that you sign up for the text and email alerts from your airline and check with your carrier before you leave home to make sure there hasn’t been a delay or a cancellation.”

Maguire also suggests downloading the carrier’s app and an alternate carrier to make it easy to rebook or reschedule if needed.