WORCESTER, Mass. - Lovin’ Spoonfuls founder and executive director Ashley Stanley is working to make sure excess food doesn’t go to waste. 

The nonprofit aimed at improving food access for people across the state launched its ninth route in Worcester on Thursday with a ribbon cutting at the Green Island Neighborhood Center.

The agency works with 85 vendors to bring food to 186 nonprofit partners across the state. They use their refrigerated vehicles to make same day deliveries of fresh and healthy food.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls said a lot of the food comes from grocery stores and are items which may have old sell-by dates but are still safe to eat. 

“There are a lot of communities around the entire state that have a lot of need. And Worcester geographically is expansive, demographically needs a lot of assistance and doesn’t have as many organizations that can support them,” Sean Ahearn, Lovin’ Spoonfuls operations director said. “But there’s really great networks already here and good should not be rung up too much of their budget. So we’re able to kind of plug into what they’re doing, which is really great work, and then it just enhances their services so they can put their resources and efforts towards providing the services that they need to do.”

They donate the food to places like pantries, meal programs, shelters, senior centers, and after-school programs.