SHEFFIELD, Mass. – Canna Provisions’ growing facility in Sheffield has a room dedicated to growing five different strains of cloned cannabis plants.

Cultivation director Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski oversees the cloning process and said it only takes a few weeks for these plants to grow. 

What You Need To Know

  • Canna Provisions will start selling five strains of cloned cannabis plants
  • The plants take a few weeks to grow before they’re ready to be put into people’s gardens
  • Greg ‘Chemdog’ Krzanowski wants to help teach people how to grow cannabis at home
  • The goal of this new offering is to help Canna Provisions stand out in a competitive cannabis marketplace

“What you do here is you take a cutting, a nice 45-degree angle, and then you have your rockwool cubes that you already have pre-soaked, and then what you do is you dip them in sort of a cloning gel, and then you put them in a rockwool cube that is already soaked,” said Krzanowksi, demonstrating the growing process.

“Then they’re going to go in a dome like this for seven to fourteen days. It depends on the strain, and eventually you’re going to get a nice rooted clone like this.”

For the first time, about 500 of these clones will be available at Canna Provisions’ store in Lee the first weekend in June. Krzanowski will be there to help people get started growing at home.

“You just got to feed it the right food, take good care of it, give it soil, give it proper light, temperature, humidity,” said Krzanowski. “If you can grow good vegetables, you can grow fine flower.”

With adult-use cannabis retail sales coming to nearby states, C.O.O. Erik Williams hopes this new offering will help Canna Provisions stand out from a competitive marketplace.

“This is another really key step in a cannabis journey,” said Williams. “It’s another appreciation for the plant and the really high-quality products that we’re putting out.”