WORCESTER, Mass. - The Worcester Community Action Council held a baby shower for an entire community on Wednesday.

The event marked WCAC’s 15th annual community baby shower.

WCAC's Healthy Families help new parents in southern Worcester County get the help and support they need.

When many are struggling to find baby formula because of a shortage, Healthy Families program director Camille Diaz said their programs are helping members be the best parents they can be.

“What they need most is for people to be there for them. Advocates, people that will talk with them encourage them, support them, understand them, and be able to connect with them on another level and not just treat them as clients,” Diaz said. “So it’s very exciting to see not only the community providers come together, but the families showing up to find what they need out of the services that are available to them.” 

Diaz said the families are happy to be holding in-person events where they can feel connected. Parents can enroll in Healthy Families through the WCAC website.