WORCESTER, Mass. - UMass Chan Medical School’s MassBiologics first phase clinical trial of a preventive Lyme disease shot is nearing completion and phase 2 could begin as soon as next spring. 

Dr. Mark Klempner said the shot is a single monoclonal antibody that prevents the tick from transmitting the lyme disease bacteria to people. It was first tested in animals, and when given the right dose proved 100% effective. 

They give the shot at the beginning of the season in March or April and it would provide protection until late fall. 48 people took part in the phase 1 trial. It began in Feb. 2021 and runs until Aug. 2022. 

Dr. Klempner said so far they’ve seen positive results, including no major adverse reactions and lasting through the season. 

“We are seeing that the medicine will last long enough throughout the entire season and would last long enough at a preventative level of the antibody,” Dr. Klempner said. “So we are quite confident that if the medicine provides the kind of effectiveness or efficacy, we anticipate it will last through the season of risk.”

Based on the final results of Phase 1, Dr. Klempner said they will propose a trial with more people to the FDA. He said there’s a potential for a shot to be licensed and available to the public in 2024.