WORCESTER, Mass. -The baby formula shortage is affecting many parents and their babies. 

An OBGYN from St. Vincent Hospital has some advice for parents about what to do and what not to do as the formula shortage continues.

Dr. Michele Sinopoli said to always talk to your pediatrician and see if they have suggestions about alternate brands or formulations. Dr. Sinopoli said checking different stores, or pharmacies, to see what they have in stock is another option. She advises against substituting for cows’ milk or other milk products for infants.

“Defintiely needs to be avoided if the infant is under a year old and I think most parents are well aware of that,” Dr. Sinopoli said. “But just to reiterate, if they are feeling desperate to really evaluate all of their options and resources with their pediatrician or obstetrician and a way to find the right formula for the baby.”

The FDA is strongly recommending parents refrain from making their own formula, watering down formula, or transitioning to solid foods. They’re also advising against buying online, especially from sources where they’re uncertain the product is genuine or has been stored properly.