MASS. - After days of JetBlue flight delays and cancellations, some travelers may be looking into insurance for future flights.

JetBlue recently said they're experiencing staffing issues and are reducing their schedule from May into the summer. Dozens of flights to or from Boston and Worcester were canceled this past weekend.

Goose Insurance said unfortunately staffing problems could be an issue for a while.

The insurance company said they saw an increase in customers throughout the pandemic and expect to see the same following recent cancellations and delays.

“We all have to bound together in terms of the industry to create this awareness because U.S. travel is under insured and we need to get the message out and educate consumers that it really is a low cost way to protect your trip,” said Pamela Kwiatkowski of Goose Insurance. 

As air travel ramps up ahead of the Easter holiday and April vacation week, Goose recommends people keep a close eye on their flights.