PITTSFIELD, Mass. - Taconic High School in Pittsfield has officially announced its new nickname and graphic identity.

Previously known as the “Braves,” Taconic will now be the “Thunder,” with the Pittsfield Public Schools announcing the selection of the new nickname and graphic identity on Friday.

The Taconic Rebranding Committee released a mascot survey this winter. The three names up for consideration were the Thunder, the Titans and the Rockets.

Taconic will now start developing logos and graphic designs based on the “Thunder” moniker, which will be used to further brand the school, team uniforms, and school products.  

Taconic Thunder logos and graphic designs will be unveiled at a later date. The Thunder colors will remain Taconic’s current green and gold. 

Proposals were developed and submitted from multiple sources, including the Taconic student body.  

Taconic started developing a new school nickname in August 2020. The Pittsfield School Committee retired Taconic’s “Braves” moniker and mascot to a nickname that doesn’t reference Native American culture.