WORCESTER, Mass. - Worcester is considered the "City of Seven Hills," and sledding after a big snowstorm is a tradition for some residents.

A popular spot in the city is the hill in front of Quinsigamond Community College, also known as Amy's Slope.

A boost for speed always helps, as long as you hold on to your sled. Some took advantage of the snow pile ramp created by a plow to get a good start.

A few lucky kids got assistance on the walk back up the hill. Conserving energy is a must when it comes to sledding.

As dozens of people enjoyed the day, three friends discussed how many runs they had made down the hill.

"A lot!” Connor said.

"When we were going down with the blow-up tube," Eddie said. "The first time we went up the ramp, we all fell off."

"I like, rolled on the snow last time," Eladio said.

Eladio, Eddie, and Connor said the blow-up tube is the preferred method of transportation. It seemed everyone was having a great time, no matter what they were riding.