WORCESTER, Mass. - This month marks the start of a new term for Worcester's second Youth Poet Laureate.

Adael Mejia has plans to create more events dedicated towards art and youth during the next two years. 

Mejia will work alongside Worcester's Poet Laureate, Juan Matos, to promote local writers and the power of poetry and the written word.

Mejia is a Burncoat High School graduate and says he's excited to be a leader in what he calls the "artistic revolution" of the city.

"There's a shift. We're definitely becoming a lot more innovative, a lot more creative, a lot more unique towards the name. For a while I was afraid we were going to be a mini-Boston, but no, we're really making our own mark,” Mejia said in an interview on Friday. “We're not only going to be one of the biggest, most innovative cities in America, but we're also going to be the leading arts-zone. I don't know what you call it, but we're definitely going to be up there in the near, near future."

Mejia plans to work with organizations and schools and put an emphasis on mental health and rehabilitation programs.